Truth in Engineering

Someone said that it couldn't be done. But we did it anyway. This is doing the impossible. This is truth in engineering.

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Audi TDI

All fuels aren’t created equal. With more power in every drop and better fuel efficiency, Audi TDI® clean diesel is truly the smart choice.

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50 States
Of Audi

Audi cars are on the road in every state of the country. Where’s yours? Welcome to the #50StatesofAudi

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Audi R8 | Photographer

Perfect way to end the week.


Classic Auto Union at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014.



Audi R8 MRC Tuning

Zero to sixty in the time it took you to read this.


Early morning RS7 drive around Lake Como with @jshi809 and @rjbroer.


Six countries in 48 hours, all in the incredible @audi RS7.


Today’s plan. Milan to Montreux. (at A Casa Della Mamma)


True Bavarian motoring yesterday in the @audi RS7.


Picked up the @audi RS7 in Munich in the morning and hit the Bavarian alps in the afternoon. Today was a very, very good day. @wbhollow and I will be driving this four-door monster all over Europe over the next 10 days. Stay tuned… (at Wohlfühlhotel Martinerhof)


If you were landing in Münich on Friday morning, being handed the keys to a 560hp @audi, and didn’t have any place to be until Monday, where would you go? (at Lufthansa - JFK International Airport Terminal 1)

If you need any local tips, you know who to ask.

Launch day has come and gone… but the #AudiA3 made its mark. Coast to coast, thanks to everyone who came out.

Luxury without compromise. The all-new #AudiA3 has arrived. #PaidMyDues

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